Over 30 Years of Teaching

While using leveled little books to teach reading in the public schools, Doris Johnson was able to steadily accelerate children’s reading abilities.  Knowing that the Book of Mormon helps us all draw near unto Jesus Christ, she often thought, “It would be wonderful to have leveled little books using Book of Mormon stories!”  The more she thought about this need for beginning readers, the more she felt prompted to write these books, and now, her 32 leveled little books have been published!

Founder and Author

Doris Johnson

I have taught all grades K-6 for over 25 years in the public schools in California and Arizona.  I served as an Arizona State Reading Specialist, consulting with principals, reading coaches and teachers to support the implementation of Scientifically Based Reading Research practices.  My Master of Education degree emphasized teaching children to read and write.  I used a unique method of teaching my own five children the scriptures by preparing 2,241 Book of Mormon Picture Pages. Now, I’m retired and teach my grandchildren with these materials.