Jumpstart your

Child’s learning


Little Books

Book of Mormon Little Books, are new color-coded paperback Latter-day Saint titles that can be effectively used to accelerate reading. Jumpstart your child’s reading skills as they relate their lives to Lehi’s family and other book of Mormon stories through 32 books. 

Providing a foundation for positive reading experiences, give your children a jump start to read the actual Book of Mormon. Familiar Book of Mormon words, characters, and stories are all introduced in the Little Books; helping inspire a love for the Book of Mormon. Prepare children for school, help them choose the right, and support them in their spiritual growth and in their education.

Jumpstart your

Child’s learning

This series of Book of Mormon Little Books tells the story of Lehi’s family—from when his children were young to the time his people reach the Promised Land.  Young readers will learn the stories, strengthen their testimonies, and feel the joy of actually reading and re-reading these little books.  The small size of the book, repetitious words in the script, and direct picture correspondence develop a sense of ownership and self confidence in young readers.  See pictures of each book in shopping cart.


Why Use Little Books?

Scripturally Accurate

Characters, stories, and familiar Book of Mormon words and language are introduced in the Little Books. Levels A-C focus on happenings that could have taken place while levels D-F focus on scriptural accounts.

Made for All Ages

As the levels increase the patterns diminish, print becomes smaller, vocabulary becomes more difficult, and the picture predictability decreases. Help your children to learn as they grow!

Help Your Children Read

Using the Book of Mormon Little Books with the Book of Mormon Lesson Plans helps parents to incorporate the five critical areas of reading; phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension as a part of every book!

Parent and Teacher Friendly

Little books come with lesson plans and even picture pages, effective for all ages! Help children to read, enhance gospel discussions, and bring your family closer together with interactive materials.


What People Say

As I’m writing this letter to you, my toddler just walked in. I told him I was writing a thank-you letter to the lady who wrote the Baby Nephi books. I asked him if he thought it would be cool for me to buy more Nephi books. He gave me a big squeeze and with a huge smile on his face said, “So so tool (cool)!!” He seriously loves these books so much!


My life, and my family, will be continually blessed because of the efforts that you placed into this work. I thank you for so selflessly allowing us to be a part of this project that required great dedication, sacrifice, and labor. We will cherish it. 



Get Started With Little Books

Little Books

Book of Mormon Little Books are new color-coded paperback Latter-day Saint titles that can be effectively used to accelerate reading. Provide a foundation for positive reading experiences and give children a jump start to read the actual Book of Mormon!

Lesson Plans

Book of Mormon Scripted Lesson Plans are parent and teacher friendly.  They help children learn to read, enhance gospel discussions, and can be used as a format for Family Home Evenings or Sunday lesson spotlights.  The book is composed of 32 lessons; one for each little book!

Picture Pages

Book of Mormon Picture Pages are effective for all ages: Primary, Young Women, Young Men, and their parents too!  The family binders become books of learning during their creation, and as they are re-read time and time again. Help children to choose the right as they draw pictures and color.

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