Book of Mormon Little Books


Book of Mormon Little Books

The series has thirty-two books divided into six levels, beginning with Level A for beginning readers and gradually increasing in difficulty to Level F.


Level A

Level A looks at everyday happenings that could have taken place in Lehi's household to help children connect with these Book of Mormon characters.


Level B

Level B continues with stories about the everyday life of Lehi's family, allowing children to relate their own experiences to the stories.


Level C

Level C continues with commonplace events and begins incorporating scriptural ideas into the stories of Lehi's family.


Level D

Level D relates simplified versions of the scriptural stories about Lehi and his family.  Each book contains scriptural references.


Level E

Level E is directly based on scriptural accounts in The Book of Mormon with direct quotes and references so children encounter scriptural verse while reading the stories.


Level F

Level F is also based on the scriptures, and is the most advanced of the Little Book levels.  Fluent Level F readers should be able to read the actual Book of Mormon.

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