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Book of Mormon Little Books, are new color-coded paperback Latter-day Saint titles that can be effectively used to accelerate reading. Jumpstart your child’s reading skills as they relate their lives to Lehi’s family and other Book of Mormon stories throughout 32 books.

Providing a foundation for positive reading experiences, give your children a jump start to read the actual Book of Mormon. Familiar Book of Mormon words, characters, and stories are all introduced in the Little Books; helping inspire a love for the Book of Mormon. Prepare children for school, help them choose the right, and support them in their spiritual growth and in their education.

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Book of Mormon Little Books, are new color-coded paperback Latter-day Saint titles that can be effectively used to accelerate reading. Jumpstart your child’s reading skills as they relate their lives to Lehi’s family while reading the 32 books.

Provide a foundation for positive reading experiences, by giving your children a jump start to read the actual Book of Mormon. Familiar Book of Mormon words, characters, and stories are all introduced in the Little Books, inspiring a love for this wonderful book.

  • Color-coded paperback Latter-day Saint titles can be effectively used to accelerate reading. Each color-coded level increases in reading difficulty.
  • Levels A, B, and C help beginning readers to relate their lives to Lehi’s family members through realistic fiction
  • Levels D, E, and F include scripturally accurate non-fiction children’s stories about the Book of Mormon with scriptural references.
  • These children’s books inspire a love of reading for the beginner, prepare children for school, help them choose the right, support them in their spiritual growth and in their education.

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Jumpstart Your Child’s Learning

Made for All Ages

Jumpstart and progress learning

This series of Book of Mormon Little Books tells the story of Lehi’s family—from when his children were young to the time his people reach the Promised Land.  Young readers will learn the stories, strengthen their testimonies, and feel the joy of actually reading and re-reading these little books.  The small size of the book, repetitious words in the script, and direct picture correspondence develop a sense of ownership and self-confidence in young readers.

As the levels increase the patterns diminish, print becomes smaller, vocabulary becomes more difficult, and picture predictability decreases. These are books for the youngest beginners, and will help them as they move up the levels, at 95% accuracy, to when they will be reading the actual Book of Mormon!

Backed by Science

Made for families

Book of Mormon Little Books are science-backed, proven to be effective, and have shown that they will truly jumpstart your child’s skills in regards to reading, vocabulary, and communication. When they are used in conjunction with the lesson plans, the BIG 5 critical areas of scientifically based reading research are addressed so children gain the essential skills of learning to read!

Created By Doris Johnson, Little Books have been created specifically so you can help your child succeed.

Made to Last for Years

32 Books, years of enjoyment

Book of Mormon Little Books are made to last, allowing you to reuse materials with multiple children over and over again. Filling the gap for beginners, they provide the perfect way to enable young children to start with lower leveled materials and increase their abilities little by little as they continue mastering higher levels.

While reading and re-reading they will acquire an appreciation and love for the Book of Mormon characters and stories, and lasting impressions will be with them as they continue to learn the gospel truths throughout their lives!

Six Levels of Learning

32 Books That Will Educate and Entertain Young Readers

Everyday happenings that could have taken place in Lehi’s household to help children connect with these Book of Mormon characters.


Lehi’s Family


Baby Nephi


What Does a Mother Do?


What Does Sam See?


Lemuel has a Puppy


Laman and the Animals

Continues with stories about the everyday life of Lehi’s family, allowing children to relate their own experiences to the stories.


The Outdoor Market


The Boy Nephi


Lehi Teaches His Boys


Lehi’s Family Lives in Jerusalem


What Does Sam Watch?


Nephi Looks for Sam

Level C continues with commonplace events and begins incorporating scriptural ideas into the stories of Lehi’s family


Mother Sariah


Lehi is a Prophet


Making Bricks


The Brick Wall


Other Prophets in Jerusalem


The Prophet Lehi Prays

Level D relates simplified versions of the scriptural stories about Lehi and his family. Each book contains scriptural references.


Lehi Sees a Vision


Prophet Lehi Warns
the People


Heavenly Father’s Command to Lehi’s Family


Lehi’s Family Gets
Ready to Leave Jerusalem


Lehi Obeys God


Nephi Prays to Know

Level E is directly based on scriptural accounts in The Book of Mormon with direct quotes and references so children encounter scriptural verse while reading the stories.


Another Dream, Another


The Mighty Laban


The Brass Plates


Ishmael’s Family Journeys into the

Level F is also based on the scriptures, and is the most advanced of the Little Book levels. Fluent Level F readers should be able to read the actual Book of Mormon.


Lehi’s Dream and More!


Eight Years in the Wilderness


Nephi Builds a Ship


Voyage to the Promised Land


Personal Stories & Experiences

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  1. T

    Thank you for your hard work creating these products. I am extremely excited to use these books with my son. How can I go wrong teaching them to read with the Book of Mormon as the foundation/goal?

    I don’t remember exactly how I found your site. I teach prek for my son and 6 of his friends, and I was looking for beginning readers to use with my class (I like Bob books, but was doing my research, and I think I found your site by hunting on the internet). Once I saw your products I couldn’t pass it up!

    Thank you, I look forward to getting the box! Let me know if you have any more questions. C.

    Thank you for your wonderful cd! We are so excited to use it. I found out about your website just searching on the Internet. I recognized some of your illustrations by Rebecca Miller on some of your books (whom happens to be my sister in law). I began looking into what she had done and then I happened upon your website. Thanks for your wonderful story about how you started the Sunday scripture drawings.

  2. T


    Hi Miss Johnson,

    Thank you so much for creating the Mormon Little Books. I ordered level A to read with my three year old. He absolutely loves the books! We read them every morning before we eat breakfast. It’s fun to see him asking questions, making observations, and connecting with the characters. This morning while reading the Baby Nephi book, we read the page about Nephi drinking. After I turned the page, he quickly turned it back to the page we had just read and said, “His mommy says, ‘No horse! Don’t drink baby Nephi’s water. That’s gross!’ ”
    Though it was a funny moment that made me giggle, a very strong impression suddenly came to me that these books were helping him truly connect with these Book of Mormon figures and that if he can build relationships with these Book of Mormon figures at a young age, he will love the scriptures and have a connection with ALL scriptures as he grows older. I distinctly felt that I needed to order the whole set to help him continue to connect with the scriptures. So that’s what I’m going to do!
    Thank you for designing these amazing books. They are so simple and perfect for a toddler. I feel that the short phrases and beautiful illustrations help imprint images and associations in their sweet little minds — minds that seem to thirst for learning and knowledge and soak things up like a sponge!
    As I’m writing this letter to you, my toddler just walked in. I told him I was writing a thank-you letter to the lady who wrote the Baby Nephi books. I asked him if he thought it would be cool for me to buy more Nephi books. He gave me a big squeeze and with a huge smile on his face said, “So so tool (cool)!!” He seriously loves these books so much!
    You had mentioned in your last email to me that I could order the whole set minus the cost of Level A if I ordered within 30 days. We are about a week past that date, but I was wondering if you could still honor that offer. I would really like to get the entire set after having that experience with him this morning!

    Sincerely, T.

  3. B


    I want to thank you for taking the time to send me the insight behind Book of Mormon Picture Pages. How touching your personal account was to me. As I read through your testimony and experience I had so many moments that connected me to your heart. What an exceptional mother and example you are, not only for your own family, but for all those you are helping to guide through this exceptional project. My life, and my family, will be continually blessed because of the efforts that you placed into this work. I thank you for so selflessly allowing us to be a part of this project that required great dedication, sacrifice, and labor. We will cherish it.

    I am a mother to four children who has a fervent desire for my children to know the scriptures. The scriptures are a blessing and endowment in my life. I have a very personal connection to them; but it was connection that I did not obtain until l was married and mothering my first child. As my love of the scriptures ignited, and as my heart connected to the sacred guidance, understanding, and teachings within, I keenly recognized that my responsibility would be to help my children, at the youngest of age, to love these words of God.

    I found your Book of Mormon Picture Pages when my youngest was only two years old. I cannot remember now how I came across them. I was filled with EXCITEMENT and immediately wanted to start the project, but at the time I was very sick as I was carrying our second child. Afterwards, I decided to start on a few different Book of Mormon projects that would help my very young children gain access to the special stories in the Book of Mormon in a way that would communicate to their early learning abilities. However, in the back of my mind I waited until the time felt right to begin our own Book of Mormon Picture Pages.

    The other night as I was putting together lessons for my four year old’s weekly Book of Mormon study, Book of Mormon Picture Pages came into my mind. It was a precise and clear recollection. I knew that it was the time to begin this project with my family! With all four of our children on earth, our oldest being eight and our youngest 4 months, we are ready to begin this exciting opportunity.

    I’d love to keep in contact with you and share some of the pages and experiences we create. Would that be something you would feel comfortable with?

    Thank you again for all you have done to preserve this work and for your willingness to share it with others around you. I will spread word of this to friends and family that all may have the opportunity to partake.

    With love, B

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